Battery charging

Jumpstart/charge lead - Tuscan

Jump lead for TVR Tuscan
Jump lead for TVR Tuscan

Extension Lead - Fits Tuscan onwards (also makes lead in JSC 1 into conventional jumpstart lead)


Accumate 2.5m extension lead

2.5 metre extension cable for use with AccuMate battery chargers.


Accumate under-floor charging lead

The ideal way to connect you AccuMate or AccuMate PRO to the jump start socket.

A must for Tuscan, Tamora and T350 owners allowing connections into the under floor socket for charging the battery. The plugs both ends of the lead are 'handed' and will not allow reversed connections.

For fitment to Chimaeras and Griffiths a under-bonnet connector is required - used in conjunction with the JSC-4.


Accumate Wall Mount Kit

Accumate stainless steel wall mount

The low profile bracket allows the AccuMate to be firmly held but easily released due to Velcro straps. Ideal for the garage wall where it also doubles up as a cable tidy. If in car mounting is preferred it does this well holding the unit firmly regardless of how the car is used.


Accumate Cigarette Lighter Lead

Accessory Plug Lead to connect AccuMate Battery Chargers to cigarette lighter sockets or motorcycle power outlet sockets.


Accumate battery charger/conditioner

Accumate in wall mount (sold separately)

AccuMate - 6V & 12V battery optimiser - ideal for classic cars, motorcycles and many other uses. For all lead-acid batteries from 4 to 75 Amp-hours.

AccuMate is designed to automatically charge and monitor batteries with no danger of over-charging regardless of time. AccuMate is suitable for all 6V and 12V lead acid batteries from 4Ah to 75Ah, making it perfect for owners of vehicles which are not used on a daily basis like classic and sports cars.

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