Interior trim

Steering wheel screws

Steering wheel screws
Steering wheel screws

A set of six stainless steel allen key screws - fits standard boss


Dash buttons

3 dash button set for early Chimaeras
5 dash button set for Griffith 500

Adds a more metal/less plastic look to the dashboard.

  • Replacement caps designed specifically to match the style of the instruments.
  • Fits onto all existing switches wherever black push buttons are used.
  • Precision machined from a solid aluminium bar. with positive finger location shape.
  • The 'lighter' colour makes the buttons easier to find especially at night.
  • Quick and easy to fit, no need to dismantle dashboard.

Aluminium gear knob

Aluminium gear knob

Cobra shaped and specifically designed specifically for TVRs. Machined from solid aluminium and anodised for durability.

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